Applied Research Laboratory is part of Babes-Bolyai STAR Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology and of Public Administration Research Center.  In cooperation with its partners, Applied Research Laboratory provides a variety of services for private sector organizations in Romania, across Europe and all around the world: research for ITC, marketing for ITC, data security and strategic planning. It supports the fusion between science, technology, innovation on the one side and public and private governance on the other side. All these represent the results of an amazing team of professionals from public and private sectors.  Science, Technology and Innovation in Public Governance International Master program unique in Romania and in Europe. It is focused on the use of technology in public and private governance. It answers an increasing need for fluent governance systems that bring comfort in the life of citizens. It encourages a decision-making process based on reliable data, resulted from research. It develops entrepreneurs for public and private governance. The curriculum is dynamic, permanently synchronized with the labor market demands.

Applied Research Laboratory – The Institute of Advanced Studies in Science and Technology – STAR-UBB Institute – is an institute of excellence, belonging to Babes-Bolyai University of Cluj-Napoca (UBB).

Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) is a part of UBB STAR Institute and of Public Administration Research Center. In cooperation with its partners, ARL provides a variety of services in Romania, across Europe and around the world:

  • Research
  • Data Security
  • Marketing
  • Strategic Planning
  • Program Evaluation
  • Impact Assessment
  • Sci-Tech Master Program
  • Training



Qualitative and quantitative analysis, needs assesments, analysis of existing technologies, creation of new technologies


Project and program-level assessments, formative, summative, ex-ante, ex-post, interim, performance evaluation.


Initial assessment, vision, strategic priorities, strategic directions, operational programs, monitoring and evaluation.


ITC Innovation, Applied Research, GIS for Policy Mapping, E-Government, Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence, Strategic Planning.


Analysis of new, emerging markets, identifying the best moments to go-live, analysis of user data, business analysis


Comparative analysis of laws and regulations regarding the targeted markets, identifying the best data security solutions.


Experimental and quasi-experimental designs to measure medium and long-term effects.


Dinamic, ad-hoc, post-universitary and distance-learning programs.